Boat Ramp Access
Space Coast North, Indian River Lagoon
(Mosquito Lagoon south to SR-528 Cocoa)
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Scottsmoor Landing;
2400 Huntington Avenue, Scottsmoor
FROM US Hwy 1 at Garden Street (SR-406), go 11.3 miles north on US Hwy 1, turn right on Huntington Avenue and go 1.9 miles. This is the northernmost boat ramp on the Main body of the Indian River Lagoon. This part of the lagoon offers some of the best chances to hook into reds or trout in our area. Most of you better fishing will be found on the grass flats along the eastern shoreline and northern basin where Turnbul Creek enters the lagoon.

GPS N 28 46.253 W 80 50.701
Google Satellite Image

Mims Launch Ramp;
2010 Jones Avenue, Mims
FROM US Hwy 1 at Garden Street (SR-406), go 4.9 miles north on US Hwy 1, turn right and go 1.2 miles on Wiley Avenue, then go left on Hammock Road 0.2 miles, turn right and 0.1 miles on Jones Avenue.
GPS N 28 40.688 W 80 49.591
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Marina Park;
501 Marina Road, Titusville
Parks Referendum Project
FROM US Hwy 1 and Garden Street, go north on US Hwy 1 and turn right at Marina Road. The park is just past Titusville Marina.
Head North past Vectorworks for good flats fishing.
GPS N 28 37.333 W 80 48.582
Google Satellite Image;
Parrish Park-Titusville;
1 A. Max Brewer Memorial Parkway, Titusville
SITUATED on both sides of SR-402 at the A. Max Brewer Causeway from the east end of the draw bridge to the security gates for Kennedy Space Center.
Kayaks and Canoes can be launched from either the boat ramp area or from either side of the causeway east of the Marine Patrol Station.
ADA ACCESSIBLE: Parking, Boat Trailer Parking, Restrooms in Developed Area, Fishing Deck, Boat Ramps.
GPS N 28 37.452 W 80 47.681
Google Satellite Image
Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral National seashore; (Note; Click Link for Refuge and Seashore info.)
There are a total of six boat ramp areas within Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and Canaveral National Seashore. Five of them are on the Mosquito Lagoon and the sixth is at Blairs Cove off of Haulover Canal, providing easy access to both the Mosquito Lagoon and the Indian River Lagoon. All except the Canaveral Seashore North District boat ramp are easitly accessed from the Titusville Entrance to the refuge. A Boat Ramp map can be found at the above link a little below the Fishing Map, along with Mapquest satellite imagary and GPS numbers.
GPS N 28 37.929 W 80 47.031

Kennedy Point Park;
4915 S Washington Avenue, Titusville
On US Hwy 1 just .25 miles south of SR-50 on the Indian River.
Boat ramps open 24 hours a day.
This 5.38-acre community river park features a paved shoreline walkway with benches for wildlife, shuttle viewing and fishing; a boat ramp with central dock; pavilion, 2 grills, restrooms, and parking.
GPS N 28 33.211 W 80 47.755
Google Satellite Image

Port St. John Boat Ramp;
6650 N Cocoa Boulevard (US Hwy 1), Port St John
Can be very crowded with trailer boat launching!
FROM US Hwy 1 at Fay Blvd, the boat ramp parking is along the Indian River just south of the intersection.
FROM SR-520 go 8.8 miles north on US Hwy 1, turn right into the boat ramp parking just south of the Fay Blvd intersection.
GPS N 28 28.506 W 80 46.048
Google Satellite Image
North; SR 528 north
Central; SR 528 to SR 192
South; SR192 south
Public Boat Ramps